Pipelink Construction (Pvt) Limited was established in Pakistan in 1997 as a private limited company for the sole purpose of development oil & gas, petrochemical and energy sector in Pakistan & International market.


The management of Pipelink has vast experience in the field of construction in Pakistan and Middle East. The management of Pipelink has over the years diversified their operations in Pakistan in different fields.


Pipelink management has been involved in construction projects in Pakistan in the past under the name of a different company. The Chief Executive brought the manpower and equipment resources of Pipelink to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia in 1988 and they operated for 3 years in Pakistan and carried out various projects for different clients.

In 1991 the same resources were exported back to Saudi Arabia after the Gulf war to under take the Projects / works that were being contracted by Saudi Aramco, Pipelink Group Company Enerfab (Pvt) Ltd. and Tamimi Group of Saudi Arabia established Joint Venture. A new company was established by the name of Tamimi Pipeline Construction "TAPCON".

In 1993 the CEO, established Pipelink Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. in Pakistan to undertake the upcoming projects. The manpower & resources were brought back to Pakistan in 1994 and operated under the new company Pipelink Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. Pipelink Engineering worked till 1996 then a new company was registered in 1997 by the name of Pipelink Construction (Pvt) Ltd., and has been operating and undertaking project with various clients.





Pipelink has the resources, equipment & manpower, at its disposal to undertake various sizes of cross-country pipeline projects, from 4" to 42" diameter and can establish several pipeline spreads in Pakistan. In addition, Pipelink has the resources to undertake Plant Facility Projects. Pipelink staff, facilities and resources are utilized to implement the construction projects on time and by maintaining the highest quality, safety and environmental standards.




Pipelink is an organization consisted of over 100 staff members comprising of highly qualified, experienced and professional engineers, supervisors and staff backed by skilled operators, technicians and competent workers. The framework given below will give a short idea about company's management structure.





Pipelink owns and maintains through its facilities and workshop a complete range of construction equipment, to handle from the straight forward to the most complicated and demanding contracts, covering every aspect and eventuality. The equipment covers a wide variety of machines, ranging from Dozers, Side booms, Trenchers, Cranes, Graders, Drill Rigs, Welding plants, Generators and other specialized equipment and machinery.


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