PCL successful and certified Integrated Management System based on the following principles.


Quality Principles:


One time, First time, Only time

Health, Safety and Security Principles:


No injury, No damage, No loss

Environmental Principles:


No pollution, No waste, No spill



Pipelink Construction (Pvt) Ltd. aims to maintain its reputation by providing services that create real value for its clients, to achieve this goal PCL has established Integrated Management System. Policies to manage measure and improve the system are given below.





PCL will continually endeavor to provide and achieve zero defects by doing the things right for the first time and every time to meet the Client's satisfactory concepts.

It is the policy of Pipelink to implement quality management procedures to make sure that all stages and phases of the projects are executed as per specification, using good workmanship practices and to the entire satisfaction of the client.

The Management will ensure that all commitments made in the quality program shall be strictly adhered to and implemented. Quality has always been and will remain one of the main tools for Pipelink to achieve the goals set for the business. This includes quality policy, quality objectives, quality improvement process, and responsibility for quality at the various levels of the organization.

The Pipelink management will strive to meet all requirements and to ensure high quality and reliable construction at a minimized cost. This shall be accomplished by continuous improvement through training, coordination, innovation, and education.





PCL will continually endeavour to provide safe places of work, safe systems and procedures of working, and through good maintenance, care and attention of all plant and equipment to avoid property damage, personal injuries and risks to the health of its employees, client & local personnel.

Management and Supervisory Staff of PCL have the responsibility for implementing this policy throughout Company and must ensure that Health, Safety & Security consideration are always given priority in planning their day-to-day operations.


All employees and subcontractors of PCL are expected to cooperate in carrying out this Policy and must ensure that their own work, so far as is reasonably practicable, is carried out without risk to themselves or others.

The Management of PCL is committed to comply with all applicable OH&S requirements and will monitor the operation and implementation of this Policy. PCL HSS Program is a guide to provide general safety information and references to all personnel involved in construction activities, whether it is in the office, work shop, or out on the site.





PCL will strive to achieve a harmonious balance between its construction activities and the global environment and taking active steps to optimise the utilization of its resources to prevent pollution, spill and waste.

PCL has established and will maintain the environmental management system and audit it to ensure continuous improvement.

PCL will communicate its environmental policy to all employees and sub-contractors and expect all to understand, promote and assist in the implementation of this policy and principles.

The management of PCL is committed to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and establish objectives and targets to reduce stress on environment. The management will check all its operational activities and will review its objectives and targets annually to optimise the environmental performance of the organization.

PCL environmental policy is available to public.


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